Andreea Matei's Passive Income Success with Amazon Video Reviews

In a digital era where side hustles can become significant income streams, Andreea Matei’s story stands out. CNBC’s Make It reports on how Matei’s engagement with the Amazon Influencer Program transformed her financial trajectory, starting with a simple 75-second video review that earned her $1.28. This modest beginning marked the start of a lucrative journey.

Matei’s strategy, as detailed by CNBC, was to leverage the Amazon Influencer Program, which compensates its members with commissions following purchases made through their posted reviews. Despite the initial small earnings, Matei saw the potential for growth. Her dedication to the hustle is evident in the nearly 1,000 reviews she has posted, which, according to CNBC’s documentation, have earned her an impressive sum of $21,700 over eight months.

According to Megan Sauer’s report for Make It, operating from her home in Fort Collins, Colorado, Matei has streamlined the process to a maximum of three hours per week. This includes filming, recording voiceovers, and editing. The passive nature of the income is a highlight of her side hustle—once the videos are live, they continue to generate earnings with no additional effort.

Make It outlines Matei’s professional background as the operator of Launch Grow Joy, a media consulting site where she advises clients on growing their businesses and side gigs. Her experience with various income-generating activities, such as podcasts, YouTube channels, and health content websites, has contributed to her side hustle expertise. Yet, it is her Amazon product reviews that have proven to be the most profitable.

Her discovery of the Amazon Influencer Program came about serendipitously while watching a video that claimed to reveal “the world’s easiest side hustle.” With a substantial social media following already in place, Matei was an ideal candidate for the program and was quickly accepted. The earnings escalated rapidly from the initial dollar and cents, as CNBC reports, with Matei recalling, “I made $40 a day, then $50 the next day, then $100. I had to keep going. It was so much fun.”

Matei’s daily routine now includes reviewing two or three products in the morning, which allows her to concentrate on her main business for the rest of the day. She also “stockpiles” videos, which CNBC notes, allows her to take breaks without affecting her income stream.

Initially, Matei reviewed products she already owned, but as her success grew, Amazon sellers began sending her free products and offering payment for reviews, further augmenting her income, as reported by CNBC.

However, CNBC also highlights that not everyone may replicate Matei’s success due to the program’s requirement for a significant social media following. Moreover, the income from Amazon’s program is subject to the ebb and flow of the platform’s algorithm changes, which can cause daily earnings to fluctuate unpredictably.

Despite these challenges, Matei finds the side hustle to be a refreshing complement to her main job, and the extra income has been significant. She even cleverly used her earnings to purchase a treadmill from Amazon, which she reviewed, earning back her investment and more—a savvy move CNBC’s Make It was keen to point out.

Matei remains prudent, recognizing the unpredictability of relying solely on Amazon for income. Her ambition, however, is clear: to elevate her side hustle to a six-figure income, supplementing her primary business.

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