AIRSOFT Team Steps Up to Meet Broker Challenges

2020 posed numerous challenges for brokers, banks and fintechs around the globe. Staff working remotely, trader volumes increasing, volatility at an all-time high and the emergence of new tradable products were just a few.

Brokers scrambled to reassemble their remote team and handle associated security and tech concerns. In direct response to the needs of brokers, AIRSOFT Technology LTD announced a major rebrand.

The new look and functionality of the site highlight AIRSOFT as the expert choice for brokerages and cements the company as the preferred technology provider for brokers in 2021.

About the Rebrand

AIRSOFT has announced a complete revamp and rebrand of their logo and website. The new AIRSOFT site at domain is modern, minimalist, and runs incredibly smoothly.

AIRSOFT recognises how valuable their clients’ time is. The site was created with this in mind. It’s designed to minimise the number of clicks needed to navigate so that users only view the information pertinent to them and their business.

The new dark-themed look is cleaner, and the design is on trend with leading social sites and apps.

Experience at the Helm

At the helm of the rebrand is a team committed to ensuring clients get the experience they want.  Julia Rotenberg, Head of Sales & Business Development at AIRSOFT, sat down along with other team members to discuss the driving motivation of the rebrand.

‘The look and feel of the new site and branding now truly represent who we are as a company. Since AIRSOFT was founded in 2012, we have always valued our ability to adapt and evolve along with the trajectory of the financial services industry.’

AIRSOFT was keen to implement the rebrand as part of their accelerated marketing efforts driven by new team player, Petya Dikova. Taking the time to discuss the extensive behind-the-scenes developments, recently-appointed Head of Marketing, Petya, says: ‘AIRSOFT’s rebrand is not only about aesthetics. Our site functionality directly impacts brokers, and we want to ensure their experience is great. Our expert technology team has factored in all the latest challenges and integrated some exciting new features that brokers will love.”

AIRSOFT Meets 2021 Challenges

The new site comes at an opportune time. With the global pandemic came a global shift in the business world. AIRSOFT responded agilely to their clients’ changed circumstances and new challenges. Communications became more important than ever and mobile took precedence.

The team explains further that while the pandemic was certainly a catalyst for the new site design, naturally changing practices and priorities in the industry were the driving force; even before the pandemic, more and more business decisions were taking place on mobile devices — the AIRSOFT developing team has taken great care that the new site works seamlessly across all the latest devices and browsers.

Julia elaborates further on the rebrand, ‘It’s true that experience and knowledge behind a company are what drives success, but appearances shouldn’t be ignored either. Now, our clients are greeted with intelligent design that harmonises with our direction as a company.’ She explains how as Head of Sales, it’s important to her that clients are confident they have the best tools for their traders, saying, ‘We needed our branding and site to match what we offer our clients and now, they do.’

The AIRSOFT Product Range

AIRSOFT offers a broad spectrum of products and services to meet every broker’s needs. One of their most popular offerings is the all-in-one brokerage package which includes their whole range of products and expertise.

Alternatively, clients can choose to reap the benefits of individual packages such as the AIRSOFT Web Trader platform. This platform offers the most advanced trading platform for CFD & forex available on the market.

The platform has the functionality to satisfy the needs of professional users, yet it remains simple and intuitive for new traders. Traders can access over 5000 assets from 30 exchanges.

It’s possible to maintain multiple trading orders while tracking assets with a biggest gainers & losers table and analysing trades with advanced charting functionality.

For cryptocurrency trading, AIRSOFT offers their crypto platform that delights users with access to exceptionally fast, one-click trading.

Professionals revel in the advanced research and analysis tools that enable them to make better-informed trades than ever before. New users are instantly drawn in by the intuitive design and user experience. Over 1000 synthetic assets from multiple exchanges.

Traders get an integrated crypto ewallet, customisable interface, view advanced technical indicators and multiple graph styles.

One of AIRSOFT’s most popular products is their unique trading platform exclusive to traders of AIRSOFT clients. Chrono Trade users make predefined, timed, short-term trades to take advantage of volatile assets.

Users of Chrono Trade are traders looking for adrenaline-fuelled trading. Chrono Trading appeals to brokers looking to secure more trades and see increased user engagement.

As an end-to-end service provider, AIRSOFT also offers customer relationship management and back-office systems, website creation, hosting, and maintenance. If they choose, clients can implement the AIRSOFT mobile app into their operations, which will be branded with their business logo and theme for both iPhone and Android.

Throughout the process as an AIRSOFT client, businesses are given a dedicated project manager, expert business consulting, and their teams receive comprehensive training on AIRSOFT systems.

With best-in-class technology solutions and years of expert advice, no matter the scope of the project, AIRSOFT is committed to delivering the highest level of service to each of their clients.


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