About 99% Of Crypto Will Find Bottom, But Not Leading Ones, Claims DOGE Founder

Markus predicted that virtually all of the 500 new coins generated each day will “certainly collapse.” That is not the case for the most popular cryptocurrencies. Apparently, he was referring to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin, which only go down approximately 90% of the time.

Billy Markus Has No Plans To Trade In Crypto

Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer, co-creators of the first joke cryptocurrency, DOGE, have come to Twitter to express a perspective.

Markus also revealed on Twitter about a week ago that he had largely ceased trading in digital currencies in 2013.

Justifying his decision, Markus claimed that most of the crypto investors purchase crypto to gamble. This was partially in reference to the fact that small investors do not understand the market due to lack of research. Further he asserts that instead they bet on hyped cryptocurrencies or the one that most are investing in.

Meanwhile, he told the DOGE army that he hasn’t worked on Dogecoin development in a long time and has no plans to restart it or create any other digital currency.

Whales Pile Up DOGE Holdings

The BNB chain has seen 100 largest whales adding up $2 million worth Dogecoin to their stack, as per WhaleStats, a crypto tracking firm’s data.

The portfolio now has a total of $17,005,992 in DOGE, accounting for 1.14 percent of the total. 

The whale “Martian Manhunter” bought a significant quantity of Dogecoin on Thursday of last week. His wallet was stuffed with 68,000,000 meme coins valued at $5,684,188.

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