2local Fintech Firm Renews Roadmap Among Other Major Achievements

Netherlands-based eco-conscious fintech 2Local is taking steps to advance its mission – a sustainable world with prosperity for all. As requested by the community, the firm has renewed its roadmap on its website to reflect activities and their timing, whether accomplished or underway.

Additionally, its yield farming product is now ready for use. Users can now earn rewards from their holdings at an annual percentage rate (APR) of between 75%-85%. Yield farming has become attractive over time as it serves asset holders better than the zero-interest savings account and negative yields of government bonds. 2local is now looking to bring the feature to its users as a more lucrative way to make passive income.

Proceeds generated from yield farming and staking pools support 2local’s cashback system, thereby upholding sustainable and local-to-local companies. The company is also developing a smart marketplace to connect local companies to their neighborhood, thereby breaking the monopoly of global conglomerates.

Furthermore, 2LC, 2local’s native coin has been listed on the LATOKEN exchange. With this comes better exposure and liquidity and resultantly an increase in token price. Previously, the token was listed on ExMarkets, Bitrue, (among the top 80 crypto exchanges by volume), and P2PB2B, a fast-growing crypto exchange. Even more, the 2LC has been listed on CoinGecko and will soon be available on CoinMarketCap. Importantly, more tokens are locked compared to the total supply, to hike the coin’s value.

On top of that, 2local has announced a trading competition running from Sept. 7 through Sept. 21, 2021. The competition will reward traders who best predict the market direction and trade it accordingly. Those willing to participate can do so on the above-mentioned exchanges. Participants have the opportunity to win prizes from a pool of $30,000.

2local is best identified by the slogan: “Created of the people, by the people, for the people.” The firm fosters all-inclusive civil society growth with lasting sustainability in mind. It is seen as a social bank that solves the inherent inflation problems of the current fiat-based system.

Presently, 2local is fast achieving milestones outlined in its roadmap in line with its mission. The latest accomplishments are listing on leading crypto exchanges and rolling out trading competitions and yield farming.





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