WGA & AMPTP To Meet Again Next Week

After four straight days of bargaining, the Writers Guild said tonight that it will meet again next week with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers.

“Last Friday, 102 days after they walked away from the bargaining table and put us out on strike, the AMPTP offered responses to our proposals in all work areas,” the guild said tonight in a communique with members. “We met this week and continued to exchange proposals. We will continue to meet next week.   

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“Thank you for the many messages of support and solidarity as we talk with the AMPTP. As always, be skeptical of rumors from third parties, knowing that the Guild will communicate when we think there is something of significance to report.”

Earlier today, the WGA West issued a “Call to Action” to its members, saying that media consolidations is “one of the root causes of the strike,” and urging members to file public comments with the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice in support of proposed revisions to their Merger Guidelines – a policy document designed to guide law enforcement around consolidation.

The “Call to Action” came the day after the guild released a report calling for more government regulation of what it calls the “anti-competitive practices” of Disney, Amazon and Netflix, which it accuses of “abusing their dominance to further disadvantage competitors, raise prices for consumers, and push down wages for the creative workforce.”

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