Perfect storm – Will 2021 be the year the world warms to climate change?: Green Pulse Podcast

Green Pulse Ep 42: Perfect storm – Will 2021 be the year the world warms to climate change?

14:04 mins

Synopsis: The Straits Times analyses the beat of the changing environment, from biodiversity conservation to climate change.

Despite the pandemic dominating headlines, governments and investors made major commitments last year to tackle climate change. Has this really changed the mood and the global will to step up action to fight the growing climate crisis?

In this episode, ST’s environment correspondent Audrey Tan and climate change editor David Fogarty chat with Mr Alden Meyer, a world renowned expert in climate and energy policy who has been involved in UN climate negotiations for more than two decades. Alden is a senior associate of E3G, an independent European climate change think tank.

They discuss the following points:

What’s your view on why 2021 is it a key climate year? (3:00)

Have the net-zero pledges from China, Japan and South Korea, plus climate pledges from the UK and Italy really given the world hope and bolstered COP26? (6:57)

The impact of the Biden Administration and what it can achieve, especially now that the Democrats have won both US Senate seats in Georgia (7:42)

A look ahead to COP26, why it’s important and what it aims to achieve (8:32)

Has the growth of green energy investment in 2020 also made you feel more optimistic? (12:08)

Produced by: Audrey Tan ([email protected]), David Fogarty ([email protected]) & Ernest Luis

Edited by: Adam Azlee

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