Neighbor Living Near WGA Picket Line Pleads For End To Early-Morning Honking

Editor’s note: Bryn Mathieu lives near one of the studios, where WGA picketing and honking occurs daily. In May, law enforcement in Burbank posted an electronic sign outside of Warner Bros warning drivers that excessive horn use violates 27001 of the California Vehicle Code. The law enforces “reasonably necessary” horn blowing to insure safe operation of other vehicles. Otherwise, “the horn shall not otherwise be used, except as a theft alarm system.”

Before 8 lights are great. After 10 honk again.*

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I’m not a writer and I’m not using ChatGPT, so hang in there while I make my point. Writers have a right to strike just as I have the right to sleep. My house is opposite a studio entrance and for years I’ve put up with the studio lot noise. Now I also have to endure honking cars. Apparently drivers passing in front of the studio entrance are “showing the love“ by honking their horns while going 45 miles an hour. This is the cheapest form of support for your fellow strikers. If passing motorists really felt concerned about the plight of both their Netflix shows and whether or not writers can make an income, they would get out of their effing cars and march along in solidarity.

I like to sleep till about 8:30 in the morning, I’m one of those creatives that enjoys a more bohemian lifestyle and to deal with the noise emanating from the studio lot I spent years remodeling my house, but even so, it’s not up to honking horns.

It’s astounding to me that other creatives can rise as early as 5:30 in the morning to show up across from my house at 6:30 am. It was mentioned that this was so striking writers could “block” scab trucks from entering the studio lot.

In my third and final attempt to beg the striking writers across from my house to arrive at a more reasonable hour, these striking creatives were unwilling to give an inch. They said they couldn’t compromise with me by showing up a little later.

Unwilling to compromise. Sounds familiar, don’t you think?

*Possible poster language to dissuade early-morning honking contributed by a talented striking writer.

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Neighbor Living Near Picket Line Pleads For End To Early-Morning Honking

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