Meta's Twitter Alternative 'Threads' Leak On Google Play Store

Meta appears to be developing an alternative to Twitter called Threads, according to developer Alessandro Paluzzi.

Paluzzi recently tweeted that the new Twitter clone has been released on the Google Play Store, but it seems that the app was mistakenly leaked and is currently unavailable.

Although Threads is no longer visible on the Google Play Store, Paluzzi managed to capture screenshots of the app, providing a glimpse of its user interface. One screenshot revealed the login screen, indicating that users may be able to sign in using their Instagram accounts. Another screenshot displayed a list of followed accounts from Instagram, suggesting that users will have the option to follow selected accounts on Threads.

Threads bears many similarities in terms of functionality and aesthetics to Twitter. Based on the screenshots, the app features a character count for posts, as well as familiar icons for reposting, liking, replying, and sharing posts. User profile pictures are displayed in circular frames, and even Instagram’s blue-check verification is visible.

The development of Threads has been underway at Meta since early January, operating under the code name “Project 92.” According to Meta’s Chief Product Officer Chris Cox, the name was confirmed during a preview of Threads, where he mentioned that they have been receiving feedback from creators and public figures who desire a platform that is well-managed.

Meta has not yet disclosed the official launch date for Threads, leaving users curious about when they can expect this alternative to Twitter to become available.

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