Hobbies You Can Actually Make Money On

After a long week of work, many Americans spend their weekend pursuing a hobby. Hobbies can include creating things, collecting items, or engaging in some form of physical activity. 

Hobbies can be relaxing, engaging, and satisfying to take part in. People are involved in hobbies because they are passionate about them. Many people sink hundreds and even thousands of dollars into their hobbies. Yet others are so good at their chosen pastime that they can actually make money off their hobby. 

To identify hobbies you can make money on, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed activities that are most often done for enjoyment without expecting a profit. While the vast majority of people who participate in these hobbies do not earn money from them, a select few do. Some have been able to turn a profit from their hobby by sheer luck. Others are extremely skilled at their craft. These people make money through sponsorships, prize winnings, and sales of their work on sites like Etsy.

We did not consider activities that are mostly undertaken for profit or that meaningfully change when done for profit instead of pleasure. While people enjoy taking leisurely rides on their bicycles, professional biking is a completely different activity. Competing in the Tour de France or serving as a bike courier in a big city are vastly different styles of biking than the casual riding a hobbyist enjoys.

Some of these hobbies can become side businesses, but others can become full-time jobs. This is not common, but the most prominent people in their fields are able to make six-figure incomes, if not more, from their hobby. These are America’s highest paying jobs.

Many of these hobbies are not possible everywhere. Outdoor rock climbing is only possible in certain parts of the country where mountains are abundant. Other hobbies require proximity to other people with the same hobby. This is the weirdest job in each state.

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