FAA Grants $92 Mln To Help 21 Airports Achieve Net Zero-Emissions By 2050

The Federal Aviation Administration has granted $92 million to help 21 airports in the country reach the Biden administration’s goal of net zero-emissions by 2050.

The investments will be used to support introduction of solar panels, electric buses, charging stations and electrification studies, the federal aviation agency said.

Of the funding, $46.8 million will go to key sustainability projects, including energy saving solar power equipment and infrastructure.

$22.58 million is earmarked to Indianapolis International Airport in Indiana to construct energy efficient infrastructure and install solar panels.

$20 million will be spent to design and construct solar parking structures in Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport in Arizona.

$3 million is awarded to El Paso International Airport in Texas to install solar panels.

FAA is also providing funding to help general aviation airports safely transition to unleaded fuel for piston-engine aircraft.

An additional $44.5 million has been awarded to airports to plan for and purchase electric vehicles and electric transportation infrastructure.

Portland International Airport in Oregon will construct zero emissions vehicle infrastructure using $16 million.

$4.8 million is awarded to Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas to purchase electric buses and charging stations.

$3.4 million will be utilized to Raleigh-Durham International Airport in North Carolina to purchase zero emissions vehicles and charging stations.

Sacramento International Airport in California will purchase electric buses worth $3.2 million.

Salt Lake City International Airport in Utah will purchase electric buses and charging stations worth
$3.1 million.

San Francisco International Airport in California is granted $5.1 million to purchase electric buses and charging stations.

$3 million will go to Pittsburgh International Airport in Pennsylvania to purchase zero emissions vehicles and associated infrastructure.

“We need to help airports transition their operations as quickly as possible to renewable power. Our investments keeps us on track for the net-zero goal,” said Shannetta R. Griffin, P.E., Associate Administrator for Airports.

Prescott Regional Airport in Arizona will receive $243,000 to develop a plan to safely transition to unleaded fuel. The long-term goal is to safely eliminate leaded aviation fuels in piston-engine aircraft by the end of 2030.

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