‘Coming 2 America’ Gives Amazon Prime Video Its First No. 1 Finish On Nielsen Weekly Streaming Chart

Amazon Prime Video has scored its first win on Nielsen’s weekly U.S. streaming chart with Coming 2 America.

The Eddie Murphy sequel racked up 1.4 billion minutes of viewing during the period of March 1 to 7, easily outpacing the No. 2 title of the week, Netflix’s Ginny & Georgia. (See full rankings below.)

About 40% of the film’s first-week viewers were African-American, Nielsen said. The company measures Netflix, Amazon, Disney+ and Hulu viewing that occurs through a TV set, meaning mobile streaming is not counted.

Extrapolating the streaming debut to a theatrical box office number is an inexact process. If each Prime household watched the film once all the way through its 110-minute running time, that would mean more than 12.8 million homes watched it. Even getting an exact count of Prime Video households — or Prime subscribers — is challenging, though, as Amazon keeps those numbers close to the vest. Most Prime members also don’t subscriber just for video content, another wrinkle.

Nevertheless, the film’s performance was certainly noteworthy given Nielsen’s streaming method, which counts total minutes of viewing. Series with multiple episodes tend to rack up more viewing in its model.

The win was just the third time a film has finished No. 1 on the chart, which was created last summer by Nielsen. It follows Netflix’s Spenser Confidential and last Christmas week, when Soul and Wonder Woman 1984 alternated atop the chart. Nielsen initially announced Soul and then released an update with a one-off measurement of WW84 at a higher number, though it does not yet track HBO Max on a weekly basis.

Raya and the Last Dragon, which Disney+ offered as a Premier Access title at a $30 premium for subscribers, totaled 355 million minutes of viewing, Nielsen said. That ranked it No. 4 on the company’s dedicated movies chart.

Elsewhere on the chart, WandaVision reached No. 4 on the overall weekly chart, with its highest tally yet, 924 million minutes of viewing. The season-finale ninth episode generated considerable buzz for Disney+ and the show’s Nielsen performance has been strong given the running times of the episodes, which were closer to a half-hour than an hour.

Here is the full Top 10 for the week:

Coming 2 America (Amazon) – film, 1.413 billion minutes of viewing

Ginny & Georgia (Netflix) – 10 episodes, 1.161B min.

Criminal Minds (Netflix) – 307 eps, 929M min.

WandaVision (Disney+) – 9 eps., 924M min.

Grey’s Anatomy (Netflix) – 366 eps., 858M min.

Murder among the Mormons (Netflix) – 3 eps., 587M min.

Good Girls (Netflix) – 34 eps., 579M min.

NCIS (Netflix) – 353 eps., 555M min.

Schitt’s Creek (Netflix) – 80 eps., 493M min.

Cocomelon (Netflix) – 6 eps., 475M min.

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