Apple’s Tim Cook Is Now 8th Highest-Paid CEO In U.S.

Apple Inc. (AAPL) CEO Tim Cook has dropped to eighth place in a ranking of the top-paid executives in the U.S., according to a new Bloomberg report.

Cook earned nearly $265 million in 2020, of which around $250 million was in stock awards. Cook also earned $3 million in salary and over $10 million in bonuses.

Cook has dropped several places compared to last year, when he was ranked second after Tesla CEO Elon Musk. However, his earnings have significantly improved from last year’s compensation of $133.7 million.

Meanwhile, Musk continued his reign over the ranking after earning total compensation of $6.7 billion last year, with a major part being options awards.

Oak Street Health CEO Mike Pykosz came in at second place with about $568 million in compensation. CEOs of GoodRx Holdings, Open-door Technologies, and Palantir Technologies filled out the top six. Geoffrey Price, COO of Oak Street Health came in seventh with more than $356 million in compensation. Oak Street Health’s CMO Griffin Myers and Paycom Software CEO Chad Richison rounded out the top 10.

Bloomberg also ranked the highest-paid women CEOs and executives, with the top-paid female executive coming in 34th place overall. Only five of the country’s 100 top-paid executives last year were women.

Opendoor Technologies CFO Carrie Wheeler was the highest paid female executive with nearly $101 million in compensation. Apple’s SVP of Retail and People Deidre O’Brien was the fourth highest-paid female executive in 2020 with compensation of $45.4 million. Among all executives, she came in 93rd place.

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