11 startups that make daily rituals like eating and brushing your teeth more enjoyable

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  • The comfort and consistency of rituals bring us back down to earth. 
  • They take many different forms, from putting on a favorite record to shaving. 
  • Online startups are adept at selling the entire experience of these beloved rituals, and at the center is a product that solves daily problems while providing a respite from the stresses of life. 
  • We took a look at startups you already know, like Casper, along with ones that may be unfamiliar, like Vitruvi, to illustrate how companies are using the comfort of rituals as a selling point.

Rituals are an important part of daily life. In the midst of what can often feel like a rollercoaster of work, personal obligations, and life and all its complications, they allow you to hop off for a brief moment, take a breather, and regain a sense of stability. 

Even something as innocuous as brushing your teeth or watering a house plant can improve your mental wellness. It may seem like you're simply going through the motions, but it's exactly those repetitive movements and consistent practices that provide the all-too-needed comforts of familiarity.

Everyone's rituals look different (mine include writing in my journal, winding down every night with music and a book, and going to my favorite bagel shop every Sunday) and take various forms, from skincare routines to cooking certain dishes.

Online startups across a variety of categories are great at tapping into this love for consistency and comfort, selling not a product, but the entire experience of owning it, using it, and making it part of a recurring ritual.

Learn how these 11 startups are selling the experience of a daily ritual.

Sleeping: Casper

Shop mattresses and more at Casper here

Getting ready for bed is a universal ritual enjoyed by all — we've met few people who don't look forward to climbing into bed each night. For the last few years, Casper has been making the process inviting with its supportive, comfortable mattresses, but a more recent product, the Glow Light ($129, currently unavailable), is intended to get you to dreamland even faster. The adjustable light will help your body wind down at night and wake up gently in the morning, while the ambient light sensor turns it into a portable night light. 

Shop electric toothbrushes at Quip here

We hope you're brushing your teeth twice a day. If the idea doesn't enthuse you, Quip is a startup that might inspire you to concentrate on and enjoy your teeth-brushing habit more. Its sleek, American Dental Association-approved brushes are easy to use, can mount to your wall or mirror, and have replaceable brush heads available through a subscription. They come in a variety of colors and sets so you can get your loved ones in on two minutes of blissful respite at a time. 

Shop multivitamins at Ritual here

This growing vitamin startup has "ritual" right in its name and makes taking your daily multivitamin the most simple it's ever been. The Ritual vitamin contains nine essential nutrients that women most commonly lack in their diets and costs $30 for a month-long supply, encouraging you to clean out your vitamin cabinet for good. 

Shop Vitruvi essential oils and diffusers at Amazon

Fragrance is a highly effective way to set the mood of your surroundings, and startup Vitruvi is the new brand of choice for anyone looking to create a soothing atmosphere. Breathe in its delightful essential oils, which include grapefruit, eucalyptus, and peppermint, and you'll be transported to a place far, far away from your stresses. To fill your entire room with the scent, get its elegant ceramic diffuser, and make a habit of using it often. 

Shop Fitbit fitness trackers at Amazon, Target, and Best Buy here

Running a dozen miles in one go is ultimately less effective and helpful than splitting up that mileage over a period of multiple days. A Fitbit fitness tracker motivates you to get up each day and continue your running streak by recording your activity and sending reminders to keep it up. Even if you're not a runner, it'll tell you to leave your office chair and take a stroll outside. Before long, you'll look forward to these daily walks or runs and see them as a welcome break. 

Shop indoor plants at The Sill here

Can't commit to a human being or animal? Plant parenting is on the rise for a number of reasons, but one is that it allows for the satisfaction of caring for a live being — just without the huge cost or commitment. You can shop all types of beautiful, mood-lifting house plants at The Sill, which will ship them to your door and show you how to keep them alive. Checking up on your succulents or snake plant and watching them thrive may just become the highlight of each day. 

Shop shaving products at Harry's here

Whether you shave daily, weekly, or monthly, it's a ritual that you don't necessarily enjoy, but it has to be done anyways. Ineffective tools and high costs prevent us from fully embracing this common ritual, but grooming brand Harry's solves both with its super sharp blades and affordable kits. To make sure you're never caught with a dull blade, it also offers subscriptions. On the women's side, its new brand Flamingo sells the same ideals of affordable quality. 

Shop vinyl records and players at Vnyl here

While headphones plugged in during a commute or at work often translate to idle listening, sliding a record out of its sleeve and placing it carefully on the player signals intent and full commitment to the music-listening experience. Vnyl, a record subscription service and maker of the Trntbl smart record player, personalizes the music discovery process by sending you records based on your music profile and preferences. 

Shop towels at Weezie here

Hair wrapped in a towel as you get ready for a night out. Falling asleep in a large towel post-shower. Wiping off makeup, dirt, and grime after a long day. If you experience any of these scenarios regularly, you'll love the luxe towels from Weezie. You can add custom embroidery (and you have many more stylish options than other custom services) so your rituals feel even more personal and enjoyable, but even by themselves, the towels are wonderfully soft, fluffy, and absorbent. 

Shop dinnerware at Year & Day here

Don't buy nice table settings and save them only for special occasions. Year & Day wants you to use its European ceramics for everything from canapés to greasy diner leftovers — and trust us, these sturdy, simple, and beautiful pieces of dinnerware make a difference in how you enjoy any type of food. The startup shows customers how each bite and sip, no matter the event, matters — and its plates, glasses, serving tools, and utensils will help you appreciate that. 

Shop pet accessories at Wild One here

Taking your dog out for a walk every day takes a toll on its leash and collar, so you want ones that are tough and durable, but also comfortable for your dog. Both owner and pet enjoy the walks taken with Wild One's Walk Kit, which contains a collar or harness, leash, and poop bag carrier. They're made from non-toxic materials and importantly, are stain-, odor-, and dirt-resistant, so your pet can continue exploring the great outdoors without being held back. 


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