The US Treasury warns officials about the blockade

The US Treasury Department issued a series of recommendations for government agencies interested in adopting blockade technology.

The announcement in the agency's blog, issued by the Bureau of the Treasury's Fiscal Service (BFS), consists of several lessons developed by officials in the process of researching the concept of blockades.

The US Treasury: blocking projects should be serviced by skeptics

So, BFS advised the federal authorities to honestly consider the potential of using DLT, not relying on the hype surrounding the technology.

The Fiscal Service noted that the use of block casings is advisable for departments whose work is too expensive, as well as in the absence of trust between the parties.

The bureau advised recruiting employees who are skeptical about technology to service DLT projects to determine whether it is really beneficial.

In addition, the service has warned developers from the abrupt transition to the creation of the system. According to the agency, at the first stage it is necessary to conduct a survey of stakeholders, reports CCN.

Author: Vasilisa Ming, Analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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