The Evolution of Tokenization of the Film Industry

Tokenization has found its way to several industries, fundamentally changing how they operate from the ground up. Indeed, it has found itself in the most niche activities and ideas, with lots of room to grow. Yet, tokenization has hardly taken shape in the film industry. You hear so much about how NFTs are revolutionizing art and music, but next to nothing about the film industry.

From one point of view, the film and entertainment industry has already been moving towards tokenization, just not in the form that art or music have taken. After all, streaming platforms and their subscription benefits, public interaction via social media platforms — all of these are indirectly related to the tokenization experience.

But MovieBiz Coin is seeking to address that massive void. It is a blockchain-based platform that specializes in investment opportunities within the film industry, with the intention of creating “movies that will inspire.” Using blockchain technology, MovieBizCoin provides investors, actors, and directors access to movie-making investment opportunities globally.

Tokenization in the Film Industry Will Eventually Be Common

MovieBizCoin wants to connect film enthusiasts with filmmakers and other talents in the industry. With that in mind, the project’s vision is to become a global catalyst for bringing film projects from ideation to completion, encouraging unique filmmaking.

MovieBizCoin aims to tokenize the movie industry and the projects within the entertainment space, giving an equal opportunity to all filmmakers alike. MovieBizCoin is focused on becoming the filmmaking investment platform where producers can tokenize movies and provide funding for directors, producers, and actors alike.

The native token $MOVIE can be used to fund projects, buy movie tickets, and access streaming services — straight from users’ smartphones, providing unique value and utility to token holders.

This level of tokenization is not yet present in the industry, and it’s a shame that it isn’t. The ability to connect viewers and fans with cash-strapped directors and other personnel is a much-needed feature for both parties. Now, users can fund projects that inspire them, while those in the industry can tap into a massive fundraising base.

The benefits here are apparent, just as they were with Bitcoin and other projects. The decentralized fundraising process is a gold mine waiting to be tapped into, and it won’t be long before filmmakers take to it. MovieBizCoin aims to be the first to provide them with this type of platform and experience.

What’s Behind the MovieBizCoin Scene?

All of the aforementioned benefits stem from a few key features that underpin the MovieBizCoin platform. At the moment, the team has planned four features to round out the platform: MovieBiz.Fund, Booking Candy,, and

MovieBiz.Fund is the primary feature, where users can fund directors, producers, and actors with the $MOVIE token. Related to this is, which is a networking service that connects talent with more established personnel, widening their opportunities. On top of this, Booking Candy allows you to book tickets, which are registered on the blockchain, and is a native streaming service for the platform.

The Tokenization of Cinema Is Here

It may still be early days, but the apparent benefits of tokenizing the film industry should see adoption quickly snowball. The point is to make a robust platform that benefits everybody equally, which is precisely what MovieBizCoin provides; a fair and secure funding process and a rich suite of products and services to complement it.

That’s what MovieBizCoin aims to do, and it’s already on its way. It will be a long way between now and the release of the platform, but the vision is clear: the film industry can be so much better with tokenization. 

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