Mimir Quiz powered by The Xaya Blockchain Game Engine

Mimir is the world’s first blockchain based trivia game. It is built with the ideal technology stack to create the user experience that participants are craving for.

To ensure Mimir brings the best trivia experience experienced in the 21st century, the Mimir team has partnered with the legendary XAYA blockchain engine, an open-source project maintained by the team at Autonomous Worlds Limited.

The Mimir quiz game integrates the blockchain structure of Polygon which seamlessly operates with the Xaya blockchain engine.

Utilizing Xaya, all blockchain functions can be run without a connection to a centralized server 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Since Xaya is open source, it is ideal to power the Mimir Quiz Game’s economic system. All actions and events in the World of Mimir are provably fair and trustless.

Polygon’s blockchain and Xaya’s blockchain gaming engine provide the economic infrastructure needed for the Mimir token to be used in-app and as a liquid gaming currency. Polygon enables a child-chain for quicker and cheaper transactions while Xaya provides back-end logic for operating a true decentralized application for gaming.

In this blog, we take a closer look under the hood of Xaya.

Meet the Xaya Blockchain Gaming Engine

Xaya’s history started in 2011, when team members became involved in the Namecoin project, which they later led in 2013. Soon after the team forked Namecoin and built the world’s first blockchain game, Huntercoin. Huntercoin is a fully decentralised autonomous game world, which launched in 2014 and is still running today.

Originally branded as the “Chimaera project” in 2016, it was rebranded in early 2018 as “Xaya”.

Xaya was built to fundamentally change how people perceive and play video games.

When blockchain is viewed as a transformational technology where games can transcend the virtual and take on a life of their own in the real world, one can see that this is “not just another gaming project or company”.

Imagine a truly free market with no walled gardens and natural price discovery underpinned by censorship resistance, trustless trading, and cryptographic security. This is what blockchain will bring to gaming.

With Xaya, gaming can decouple the anchor that keeps games merely digital. With XAYA, games can be transformed with the blockchain. 

What if games were serverless for 24/7 uptime? How about open source, trustless and provably fair? And what if games could also be economic powerhouses with free trading and free markets? And how about if unlike centralized games, games can now be eternal and immortal past their “end of life/support”?

Can you imagine the power of gaming that is community driven beyond like never before? This entire system would be innovative with new economies and game genres being born.

From a developer point-of-view, the above benefits for end users can make their games more attractive and retain users more effectively. Through delivering new and better gaming experiences, devs can take advantage of Xaya’s platform to boost their business with the best in the blockchain gaming world.

In addition to Hunteroin, Xaya is also the engine behind these games and dApps:

– Taurion

– Soccer Management Elite

– Xayaships


– Charon

The Mimir team is confident that the collaboration of Xaya and Mimir Trivia Game will be the perfect storm to bring a revolutionary game to the world!


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