Is Huawei About To Launch A Blockchain Smartphone

Huawei is the world’s third-largest smartphone maker, and have recently launched their Mate 10 Pro, as well as preparing to debut their upcoming P20 lineup. Despite a busy few months for the company, reports suggest that they are considering making a new mobile phone that is focused on running blockchain-based apps.

They plan to license Sirin Lab’s operating system, to run the blockchain apps alongside Android; however, it is important to note that nothing has been agreed by the two companies, and at this moment in time, they are only talking.

If the deal is made between the two though, Huawei will be the first major smartphone maker to embrace blockchain technology. There is much more to blockchain that just recording cryptocurrency transactions, and has already shown how much it can help a range of industries, such as healthcare for example.

So why launch a blockchain phone? Perhaps the most important reason is that it promises greater security and lower costs than other, more traditional databases. The company is hoping that by working closely with Sirin Labs, who are also developing a smartphone, they will help bring the blockchain to the masses in a secure way.

The smartphone that Sirin Labs are creating is called Finny, and they are hoping to sell it for $1,000. It will not be available until the second half of this year; however, it has been pre-ordered by many. The phone, which will be powered by Sirin OS will feature an embedded cold storage cryptocurrency wallet as well as a system that will automatically convert your fiat currency to digital tokens, which their customers will need to run different blockchain apps. It has not been revealed yet, as to whether this phone will be available to customers in the UK, and if so, how much it will cost.

Is this development the future and will we see more phone manufacturers follow suit? Is it just another sign of its technology being accepted into everyday life? Only time will tell…

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