American Startup to Reward Users for Demonstrating Expertise, the platform calculates rewards based on the user’s knowledge and expertise of topics. The algorithm will help match users’ knowledge on topics to products and services, thus helping to optimize ad targeting by marketers and advertisers.

Ohio-based is an advertising platform where publishers can host content on any topic and advertisers and marketers can then harness the knowledge for gamification and other uses.

Those who demonstrate knowledge in the variety of areas will be giving reward in KNW tokens. It calculates the rewards based on advanced personalization criteria where the ‘Knowledge Match’ functionality helps match users with products and services, basing on their knowledge and expertise. At the same time, this personalization makes advertising more worthwhile for advertisers and marketers through target marketing.

It signals a different approach in the building of advertising platforms. Most build user personas based on consumption of content or what you are reading or viewing. This has its own challenge since what you are viewing may be very different from what you are using or intending to buy. For instance, you do not always buy what always interests you. That does not mean the new is a perfect algorithm either.

It will score people based on their knowledge level of their topics and then target ads to that. In other words, advertisers and marketers can advertise based on the user’s position in the “knowledge funnel” in a particular topic.

Additionally, marketers and advertisers can select keywords similar to Google’s Adwords. Advertiser/Seller marketplace and Knowledge Graph that they can use to target their ads to users. However, it is based on topics and knowledge levels.

The platform will also offer fraud protection using artificial intelligence and other tech. For instance, this tech will help identify ad bots and stop fake impressions.

The startup is owned by International Knowledge League (IKL), which has partnerships with Oxford University Press and Kelley Blue Book. The authoritative valuer for used cars in the United States. It also partners with TiVo, a digital video service for TV programs.

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