Zventus Set To Modernize Legacy Mortgage Processes With Blockchain

Business services provider Zventus has launched a blockchain lab for the financial services industry, specifically focused on modernizing the mortgage sector. The new Mortgage Blockchain Lab will focus on developing new products, services, and solutions to enhance the loan process.

Zventus’ core competencies is combined with blockchain innovations to make mortgage loans more secure, easier to manage, and more economical, reducing costs for financial services firms by more than 50 percent per loan.

“We are actively developing a portfolio of POCs and collaborating with industry and R&D partners to bring solutions to the mortgage industry,” said Marvin Bantugan, CTO at Zventus Blockchain Solutions.

This blockchain-powered solution to disrupt the mortgage industry is an extension of the company’s global consulting, customized staffing solutions, technology, and outsourcing services.

Zventus has developed the blockchain lab in partnership with several academic, technology, and training partners, enabling the company to target the creation of 1,000 new blockchain technology jobs by 2024.

The blockchain lab incorporates the Ethereum, Hyperledger, and Corda platforms and is a collaborative project between several mortgage domain experts, technology partners, and universities working side-by-side on blockchain R&D and delivery.

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