Will Satoshi Nakamoto Dethrone Elon Musk?

Elon Musk, the memer of dogecoin and the man who fought the Shortsellers Enrichment Commission (SEC) to win in the end, has become the richest man on earth, dethroning Jeff Bezos and his Amazon empire as the market gives his dreams of Mars and solar roofed cars the top position.

Musky is now worth $195 billion, more than ethereum’s entire market cap, albeit quite a bit down against bitcoin from half its market cap to now about 25% and also down against eth from two eths to now just one ethereum market cap.

But he is worth as much as the GDP of Greece, the whole country, after investors ignored completely P/E measures to increase Tesla’s price from $90 at the beginning of the year to almost $900.

Innovation is what the public likes to support and Tesla is innovative with its battery storages for electric cars that naturally should be powered by solar, and thus will sooner or later.

His SpaceX in addition has plenty in awe as the free market once more shows its superiority over the state run institutions like NASA.

So the boy is sitting at the top of the world but bitcoin is coming for him. The cryptocurrency is just $4 billion away from overtaking Tesla in market cap and Satoshi Nakamoto is climbing up the billionaire rankings.

The bitcoin inventor is not there because Bloomberg, but he would be the 30th richest man on earth with $41.3 billion, aptly replacing this John Mars guy.

That’s based on the estimated one million bitcoin that he is believed to have mined in the early days of the network to bootstrap it.

Whether he has these bitcoins or indeed who he even is, remains unknown, but he doesn’t have to go far to take Musk’s throne.

At $200,000 per coin, he would be worth $200 billion and would become the richest man, or very unlikely woman.

At that point, the inventor of the new value measurer would make history as the richest unkown person.

It may even happen. Ark Invest says bitcoin is worth $3 trillion, so Nakamoto could leapfrog them if bitcoin rises to those levels.

And of course this is paper value. If Musk or Bezos or Nakamoto cashed it all, then they wouldn’t be able to get in fiat exactly as much.

However, in an apple to apple comparison, Nakamoto could very well one day overtake Musk as the market gives most value to the invention of a new fixed value measurer.

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