Stock Alert: Monopar Therapeutics Soars 60%

Shares of Monopar Therapeutics Inc. (MNPR) are up more than 60% Thursday morning
The company announced publication of a peer-reviewed study showing the potential utility of MNPR-101, the company’s proprietary humanized uPAR antibody, as a uPAR imaging agent to improve surgical outcomes in bladder cancer.

Using MNPR-101, a multimodal imaging probe was developed and tested in vivo in human bladder cancer models. The study was published in the European Journal of Cancer.

“This novel MNPR-101 based imaging agent has promising utility in allowing surgeons to easily identify tumor margins during surgery,” said Andrew Mazar, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer of Monopar and a co-author of the publication. “Given the specificity of uPAR expression in bladder cancer versus normal bladder tissue, and its high expression at the border of the tumor, we believe imaging uPAR using MNPR-101 targeting could improve surgical outcomes and potentially reduce recurrence of the disease.”

MNPR touched a new 52-week high of $17.01 this morning, before declining to $13.52 currently.

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