Man Accidentally Throws Away $90million In Bitcoin

James Howells, an IT worker from Newport, Wales is definitely not having a good start to 2018. Whilst the boom in Bitcoin value in late last year led many investors to put a lot of money into the cryptocurrency, for this man, it led to utter distraught.

Howell had purchased 7500 Bitcoins back in 2009, for very little money, before he decided to store them on his computer’s hard drive. He quickly forgot about them, and threw his computer, along with it’s hard drive into the bin after spilling a drink over it.

However; in doing so, he inadvertently threw away all 7500 Bitcoins and it wasn’t until the recent Bitcoin boom that he realised the monumental error that he had made. Taking into consideration the price of Bitcoin today, the amount that he had is estimated to be worth over $90million. Mr Howell said about the situation;

“It’s pretty devastating…It’s like losing a winning lottery ticket…The only advantage is that I’ve actually got a chance to get this back…If you’d lost a lottery ticket you would never get it back.”

The optimist is turning to investors to help him purchase and excavate his local tip in hopes of finding the lost hard drive. He is determined to recover his lost item, even if it does seem unlikely to happen. To be honest, if you knew you had inadvertently thrown away over $90million, you would do anything in order to try and get it back, no matter how slim the chance appeared. Speaking of his decision, he finished by saying;

“I could go back to work for the rest of my life but then I would always be thinking about it…At least if I give it a shot, then it’s checked, the box is checked, I tried.”

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