Japanese corporation GMO has minted Bitcoin more than 3 million dollars since December 2017 year

GMO reported on cryptoproduction.

Thepaypers with reference to the report of the Japanese IT company GMO, reports that in December 2017, January 2018 and February 2018, GMO produced 23 BTC, 93 BTC and 124 BTC, respectively. The cost of nominees in the period under consideration is about 2,67 million dollars.

In addition, the corporation also reported "total revenue from mining" in the amount of 525 BTC from December 2017, which amounted to 654 thousand dollars.

Thus, the company GMO minted for more than 3,3 million dollars in just three months since the beginning of the production of crypto currency.

However, as the newspaper writes, the report does not give a complete picture of the financial condition of the corporation, in particular, it is unclear whether the operating costs exceeded the production of crypto currency at any moment during the three-month period.

GMO, a company that is active in the crypto currency market. So, last year, to study the specifics of Bitcoin's application in practice, the company decided to pay part of the salary to employees in crypto currency.

Author: Evgenij Novožilov, Analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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