Jack Dorsey’s Square Partners With Crypto Group to Create More Black Bitcoin Billionaires

Jack Dosey’s Square, Inc. has partnered with Clubhouse’s largest crypto focus group in order to raise awareness for BTC among black investors.

In an update dubbed Operation: Satoshi Millionaire, the crypto Clubhouse focus group Black Bitcoin Billionaires announced a new partnership with Jack Dorsey’s Square. According to the post, the group’s organizer Lamar Wilson is spearheading the partnership in order to create “more black millionaires” through a month-long campaign that began at the beginning of February. 

The group is targeting its efforts on increasing adoption for bitcoin among black families and investors, including providing more education about the cryptoasset. 

Black Bitcoin Billionaires host Isaiah Jackson told Decrypt: 

Cash App is a tool that a lot of black Americans use. We wanted ease of use, and to partner with a company that puts their money where their mouth is.

Jackson said he was the first to reach out to Dorsey and CashApp co-creator Brian Gassadonia over a possible partnership. 

The group’s organizer Wilson said the goal of the project was to increase bitcoin exposure to the black community. He said he hoped the campaign would help narrow the generational wealth gap, and that the partnership would set the tone for other corporate sponsors to follow suit.

Featured Image Credit: Photo via Pixabay.com 

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