Jack Dorsey Urges Elon Musk To Integrate Twitter With Bitcoin And NOSTR To 'Help Ease Burden'

Jack Dorsey, the founder and former CEO of Twitter, has urged the current leadership to integrate censorship-resistant protocols to help alleviate the burden of restrictions. This comes just months after billionaire Elon Musk acquired the social media giant and embarked on a journey to transform the platform.

Dorsey tweeted early Sunday, acknowledging the challenges of running Twitter and expressing hope for the platform’s success. He further emphasized the importance of building on open protocols like Bitcoin and NOSTR to preserve the open internet.

NOSTR is a protocol designed to create a censorship-resistant global social network using simple and flexible event objects and standard elliptic-curve cryptography for keys and signing.

The timing of Dorsey’s tweet was notable, as it came just minutes before Elon Musk, the new owner of Twitter, announced temporary limits on account activities to address issues of data scraping and system manipulation.

Musk’s tweet sparked speculation about the platform’s future direction under his leadership, with various users reporting temporary restrictions to views. In a later tweet, the Tesla boss stated that implementing the rate limit on Twitter was a last resort to prevent competitors from accessing Twitter’s data. While acknowledging that it is a temporary measure, he assured users that normal Twitter functionality would be restored.

Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter last year was met with anticipation and concern. The $44 billion deal marked a significant moment for the social media service but also raised questions about the platform’s direction under Musk’s ownership.

Musk, known for his strong views on free speech, expressed his intention to create a more freewheeling platform, reverse the permanent ban on former President Donald J. Trump and integrate cryptocurrencies such as Dogecoin for payments. Musk’s ownership of Twitter also promised sweeping changes for the platform, including pledging new leadership, job cuts, and innovative strategies to monetize the service. 

Critics, however, have been voicing concerns about the potential for increased toxic content and misinformation on Twitter, with the public Square being sued for various alleged violations, including a $250 million copyright case last week by 17 music publishers.

That said, as Elon Musk addresses the challenges faced by Twitter, Dorsey’s proposition on the integration of Bitcoin and NOSTR holds the potential to revolutionize the platform into a more decentralized and censorship-resistant space, according to some. At press time, however, Musk was yet to respond to the proposition.

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