Hilltop Cybersecurity Develops Biometric-Security Cryptocurrency Wallet

Hilltop Cybersecurity Inc., (CYBX) has developed a cryptocurrency wallet protected by biometric security.

The prototype device uses Hilltop’s patented biometric cryptocurrency security technology to protect and store crypto-coins and private keys in cold-storage.

The new device can protect cryptocurrency users and exchanges from hackers. The biometric technology serves as the private key to asymmetrical keys, meaning that the device cannot be accessed without the users’ biometric data, like finger print.

Corby Marshall, CEO of Hilltop Cybersecurity, said, “As cryptocurrency continues to grow, so does the intensity of criminal activity, as the recent $534M hack of NEM shows. The industry has to embrace security if it is to thrive. Hilltop’s biometrically-secured wallet is the result of our pioneering research and development in cryptocurrency security and a commitment to giving our customers enterprise cyber-security as opposed to point solutions.”

In January, hackers broke into a cryptocurrency exchange called Coincheck Inc. and stole nearly $500 million in digital currency. It is one of the biggest cryptocurrency heist in history. The exchange lost over 500 million of NEM coins.

Since the prices of digital currency have soared, these platforms have become targets for hackers to make easy money.

by RTT Staff Writer

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