Bitcoin Surpasses $1 Trillion

Bitcoin has risen above $1 trillion in market cap for the first time ever as the currency jumped to nearly $55,000.

That’s a new all time high as Microstrategy gets ready to buy about $1 billion worth of digital gold.

Bitcoin rose another circa 5% today with institutional investors nearing fomo as gold bulls reach angery stage while stonkies start discovering this massive new space.

And yet the party has not even began, but the audience is now a bit tipsy. Words pointless, let’s see if we can poem this moment:

Is Karl Marx right,
the BBC site,
hail hitala,
the 2016 crowd,
down with the rish,
the shouting frensh,
believe in code,
the bitcoin song.

The muses high,
meme the staar,
to the moon tonight,
Mars in sight.

Left and right,
here our kind.
To India’s young,
come with god.
Revolution is amarch.

Heil dictators,
in their fall,
always the call,
code our microphone.

Not to gods,
or devils’ pray,
lift our way,
above witches,
good or bad,
objectivity is the way.

Permeating thought around,
a bubble, for the smart,
with much song, and tonight dogecoin dance,
on the cusp of revolucian.

Of our sort and for all,
bankers too, even if they short,
sons of god,
the devil’s game not your fault.

And yet Hayek up in thought,
Jesus too, and Mohamed brov.
The gold bugs that lost and lost.
The presidents shot.

Debt free money,
stands in roar,
from guilded halls,
to peasant lore,
Utopia ashore,
to lift man once more,
from kalkuta to centaur.

Gone the moments of dry thought.
Dreamers roar!
Opportunities afloat.
Imagination, crossing world.

Under science,
and energy god,
to unleash,
the new sajans.

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