Binance CEO Reassures Crypto Traders, No Conflict With Regulators

Binance founder and CEO Changpeng Zhao has taken to Twitter to express his disappointment to what he called “irresponsible journalism” and to reassure Binance customers that there is no conflict between the regulations of the Japanese Financial Services Agency and his company.

Changpeng Zhao Responds on Twitter to “Irresponsible Journalism”

As previously reported by NewsBTC, the Nikkei Asian Review ran a story claiming that Japan’s Financial Services Agency (FSA) was about to order Binance, one of the worlds largest cryptocurrency exchanges to cease its operations within the FSA’s jurisdiction pending official approval of its license.

Founder of the Hong Kong-based exchange has taken to Twitter since the story ran in order to challenge the article and to assure his customer base that Binance remains in compliance with the Japanese regulatory agency.

In a series of tweets, Zhao Changpeng addressed what he called the irresponsibility on the initial article, the content of the letter Binance received from the FSA and the steps his company is undertaking to continue trading legally in the country.

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