ZYX Provides 150% Staking during the Testnet Period!

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ZYX Network has launched a testnet this August, receiving in overall more than 10,000 submissions. Participating as early adopters and backers of the new blockchain, users can get rewards in $ZYX tokens. The first task is still live, with more to be announced shortly.  Interested users can still join the process via the special form to apply for beta-testing. The second task is also going on. You can join both, or only one – as you wish. 500k $ZYX tokens are prepared for the participants. 

But also, don’t forget that staking $ZYX tokens now can bring up to 150% APY! The testnet period is tending to end soon, so staking now is a good opportunity to get even more rewards in ZYX tokens before the mainnet goes live. The team provided a full guide on staking to ease the process. Mainnet is expected to be launched within September.

ZYX Network was created and launched by Timeus Labs in 2020. The first block of the ZYX Network V.1 was generated on June 13, 2020 counting with 99.9% uptime by the moment. The exponential growth of users reached 15,000 unique addresses covering 20 countries worldwide and keeps expanding. Learn more about ZYX Network in the official channels:


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