xHunter (XHT) Review: The BSC dApp promotes Blockchain Adoption through Massive No-Loss Lotteries, NFTs, Aggressive Marketing, and Whale Buy-Back Programs

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Technology is ever-evolving, usually towards the best. xHunter is right in the middle aiming to bring blockchain technology to the masses.

xHunter Rides on NFTs as they Take the Blockchain to the Masses while using No-Loss Lotteries and Outdoor Gaming 

The xHunter project will drive blockchain adoption by hosting tournaments and giving back to the community. 

While they do so, they will want to make the technology more accessible and attractive to all classes of users, regardless of their tech-savviness. 

The team has stated that they want to remove the nasty stain of rug pulls and scams that put the otherwise disruptive technology in a bad light. 

Accordingly, as they promote the use of blockchain tech, their various campaigns will involve distributing rewards to participants using a sustainable tokenomics model suitable to their global community.

In addition to their blockchain-based tournament hosting events, xHunter will integrate NFTs. The ability to tokenize and issue limited-edition NFT characters in gaming is picking up steam. 

Many analysts project NFTs in gaming alone to command billions of dollars in the near future, further cementing the importance of the blockchain and its impact on the physical economy. 

Experience to Deliver Engaging and Rewarding BSC-based “Outdoor Activities”

Behind the xHunter are experienced team members whose cumulative experience exceeds 20 years, tagging along with helpful experience from the world of Information Technology, business, blockchain, and marketing. 

For example, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Moudi, has an established online presence and is a master marketer commanding over 100k followers in TikTok. On the other hand, Abdul, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), will use his IT experience to propel the project forward.

The project developers have specifically mentioned their ambition of fast-tracking the adoption of blockchain technology by integrating aspects of “outdoor” activities and bringing them to the blockchain. 

For more reach, the team will dedicate energy and resources to aggressive marketing. Aware that fees and scalability will be big concerns hampering performance, xHunter plans to leverage the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). 

The BSC is powered by the BNB utility token, a central currency in the Binance ecosystem. Unlike competing platforms, the BSC is highly scalable, and posting transactions is several folds cheaper than in Ethereum. The scalability of the network gives it a competitive edge over Ethereum, explaining the platform’s spike in activity over the past few months. 

xHunter (XHT) to Launch on PancakeSwap

Due to these distinguishing features, xHunter will launch from the BSC and subsequently introduce its token, XHT, on the network’s most active DEX, PancakeSwap. Out of this, the global xHunter community will be swapping their BNB for BEP-20 XHT tokens.

The team has already raised over $400k from their recent private presale. On September 3, the xHunter team plans to raise another $350k from its public presale. The project boasts over 10k members in Telegram alone, subsequently making the xHunter dApp launch one of the most anticipated in the BSC ecosystem.

No-Loss Lotteries and Promotions

To participate in the xHunter ecosystem, either its tournaments/competitions or access the gaming app once launched, all a gamer needs to do is acquire XHT tokens. 

The user also stands to receive rewards by taking part in games since xHunter plans to give away record-breaking No-Loss Lotteries in crypto. In addition to No-Loss Lotteries, xHunter also plans for no-loss competitions and prize pools.

The platform has stated that these No-Loss Lotteries will aim to motivate the community of investors and players while also gaining trust from their client base. 

Investors would be specifically urged to HODL the $XHT token. There would be regular snapshots through which the xHunter’s system will determine eligible participants and then winners. 

However, to ensure XHT prices are sustainable and mainly on the green, xHunter will also require winners to use half their proceeds towards coordinated whale buybacks of the XHT token. 

Here, winners will have to first spend half their promised rewards to buy back XHT tokens before receiving the other half from xHunter. Out of these prize pools, xHunter expects to create hype, subsequently, attract high-profile influencers and big channel news.

xHunter Roadmap

The xHunter teams plan to grow their community in Telegram and double down on No-Loss Lotteries in the second half of the year. Specifically, the team plans to launch their charity in Q4 2021 and create NFTs for winners of tournaments.

In Q1 2021, they will rope in more high-profile partners, launch an online store for their products and outdoor gaming equipment, and continue to grow their dominance and market share. By Q3 2021, the xHunter development team aims to launch their gaming dApp on the BSC.

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