Tron [TRX]’s Justin Sun announces strategic partnership with Moshroom

Justin Sun, the Founder and CEO of Tron Foundation, announced Tron’s strategic partnership with Moshroom, a leading portable smart toilet supplier.

Justin Sun announced on Twitter:

Justin Sun’s announcement regarding the partnership || Source: Twitter

Moshroom, the smart toilet supplier has been striving towards eradicating problems faced by developing countries. The company tackles problems related to hygiene, health and pollution whose root cause is public toilet facilities. They solve these problems by providing innovative one-set portable toilets.

These toilets have solar power systems which enable it to function without electricity. In addition, the toilets have flush-free toilet fittings feature because of which the toilet can function without an external supply of water. The company’s toilets maintain a proper balance between commercial application and accessibility for mobile internet technologies with features like advertisement lightbox, intelligent lock and vending machine.

Justin Sun said that a technology is “worthy” only when it improves peoples’ lives, similar to the mobile internet which provided access to information, entertainment and e-commerce. Tron is going in the same direction with the help of blockchain technology.

He states that the foundation hopes to lend a helping hand to Moshroom in order to improve ordinary people’s bathroom experience who are living in developing nations. They will be fulfilling this purpose by focusing on cross-border payment settlement. Moreover, with the help of a good business model, the team will ensure that the project runs effectively and in a healthy manner.

Cosmos Wu, the Founder and CEO of Moshroom also shares the same vision of the Tron Foundation and Justin Sun. He said:

“Public toilets are not merely a project for public welfare. On the contrary, the project won’t last long if it is non-profit … Since currency systems vary from country to country, it’s not an easy job to popularize our portable toilets around the world. Therefore, we are happy to work with TRON, one of the best in the blockchain community, and promote our project with the help of cryptocurrency.”

In the beginning, the platforms will be focusing on providing a better bathroom experience to people living in Southeast Asia and India by promoting portable toilets.

John Smith, a Twitterati said:

“One customer at a time, that’s how you do business. I know JS just gave haters more reasons to hate :)”

Per Wiklander, another Twitterati says:

“This is great! Will get nocoiners to learn about tron and more people will buy.”

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