Top 5 Reasons To Give Covesting Copy Trading A Try In 2021

Greater Diversification Opportunities Through Addition of ETH, Stablecoins

Followings fill up fast due to imposed limits to protect against risk and promote diversification, but thankfully there are also now more ways than one to spread risk and capital around for better overall performance.

PrimeXBT recently revealed a new V2.0 upgrade. Because Covesting copy trading is currently exclusively available at PrimeXBT, users of the module can also utilize any of the platform’s tools and assets.

This means that traders can not only trade CFDs on forex, crypto, commodities, and stock indices, but they can also now diversify their followings across different base account currencies, which due to the PrimeXBT V2.0 upgrade now include ETH, USDC, and USDT.

More Strategy Managers Are Reaching For The Stars

One year ago, only a few traders had stars to show for their efforts, but today, more Strategy Managers are reaching four and five stars, indicating that the platform is now full of serious traders who know markets and how to manage risk inside and out.

The more stars each trader has, the more skilled they are with managing margin allocation, have a higher win to loss ratio, and much more. Followers who stick to four or five-star Strategies only have a higher chance of success. But like any type of investing or trading, there’s still risk involved.

Unlock Unprecended Utility With COV Token

Also new to Covesting copy trading within the last year since it was introduced to the market is the launch of full COV utility token integration. COV token was designed with the Covesting copy trading experience in mind from the very start and is crucial to getting the most out of the experience.

The COV token can be used to unlock extra account benefits, such as no entry fees, a better profit share on success fees, or a significant discount on trading fees for Strategy Managers. COV tokens are regularly burned, making their supply limited and shrinking. The price per token recently blasted over $1 and is poised for more upside due to the high demand for the platform.

Bank Big On The Bitcoin Bull Run

The COV token is also soaring because of the ongoing crypto market bull run in Bitcoin and other crypto assets. The digital currency market is back the talk of finance and is beating the likes of stocks, metals, forex, and everything else in the world in ROI.

That also means that the traders on Covesting and PrimeXBT are best positioned to generate successful profits. They’re on the right platform, using the right tools, and focused on the hottest trending market currently. Strategy Managers are hungry for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and followers no longer have to miss out while more skilled professionals make all the money.

Summing Up The Covesting Copy Trading Experience

Covesting copy trading brings any type of trader together into one rapidly growing community of shared success. The platform has already seen several new iterations since its launch and even more to kick off 2021. With a new crypto bull market here, the platform’s trading volumes are soaring, and that means more updates and features will soon be coming.

Check out what Covesting copy trading has to offer in 2021 and everything else that’s been added since its enormous launch just over one year ago.

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