Sorare Drops New 2021 Season J1 League Cards

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In a recent tweet, blockchain-powered fantasy football game platform Sorare unveiled the new 2021 season J1 League cards.

Sorare Unveils New 2021 J1 League Cards

While the NFT mania continues to take a hold of the world, leading blockchain-based fantasy football game platforms Sorare recently announced the highly-anticipated launch of the new 2021 season J1 League cards.

Sorare users can scout for these cards here. Sorare’s marketplace essentially allows users to put their football passion to test by connecting with other fans and trading the virtual cards with them in Sorare’s famed open marketplace.

What’s more, in addition to scouting and trading the cards, users can also build and manage their squad by creating their own line-ups, selecting their captain, and earning points based on real-life performances. In essence, owning a virtual card of a particular player gives the owner direct exposure to the benefits that be utilized if the player performs well.

For the uninitiated, the J1 League is the top division of the Japanese Professional Football League and the top professional Football J.League in Japan. Notably, the J1 League is, by far, one of the most successful football leagues in Asian club football.

By unveiling a new set of virtual cards, Sorare will enable the J1 League enthusiasts to start collecting the digital cards of their favorite football players from the Japanese football league and add it to their collection.

Sorare Continues to Lead NFT Adoption

Close followers of the cryptocurrency and NFT space would recall that Sorare is one of the leading blockchain and NFT projects in existence today. In recent times, Sorare has inked high-profile partnerships not only with football clubs but also other entities to promote the mainstream adoption of the NFT economy.

As previously reported by BTCManager, Sorare inked a partnership with Ubisoft to help it expand the market footprint of its blockchain-based football game.

In similar news, BTCManager reported that Sorare had entered into a partnership with several acclaimed football clubs such as Juventus, Real Madrid, Galatasaray, and AC Milan, among several others.

With J1 League’s track record in academy success, it is the best time to register and scout for potential players whose value will likely surge later in the professional career. By signing up, players stand a chance to win a random J1 League NFT card.

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