Leading Social Trading Platform Bingbon Announces Rebranding to BingX

Bingbon, a leading social trading, and cryptocurrency platform today announced its rebranding to BingX.

Bingbon Rebrands to BingX

In a bid to revamp its entire corporate structure to be able to better serve its users, social trading and digital assets platform Bingbon has rebranded itself to BingX.

Bingbon’s rebranding to BingX follows the recent phase of significant growth witnessed by the platform, cementing it as one of the best copy trading platforms in the crypto industry.

With its name now changed to BingX, the team is committed to pursuing its mission to foster open value transfer and using innovating social trading solutions to empower an accessible and engaging crypto trading experience.

In addition to changing its name, BingX has unveiled a new logo that captures the platform’s legacy to date.

Commenting on the development, Elvisco Carrington, Communications Manager, BingX, said:

“A lot of thought processes and planning went into the creation of the name, BingX.”


“It’s a name that resonates and is capable of transcending through time; one that can adapt to the ever-changing crypto climate and is easy for the international community to digest, especially for our target community – all kinds of users from beginners to crypto Ogs.”

He went on to say:

“What is important to note is that BingX signals seriousness. We want our exchange to be one of the top exchanges, without leaving any doubts or uncertainties in the minds of users and interest groups like top crypto media, crypto journalists, stakeholders, and potential investors.”

Plans to Launch New Trading Pairs, Make Platform Improvements

BingX already holds the covered regulatory licenses in North America – including the US and Canada – Australia, and various other regions. The platform has its eye set on expanding to other locations in the world on the back of its unique social trading feature that bridges the gap between small and experienced traders and allows the former to benefit from smarter investment strategies.

In the coming days, BingX is set to launch new trading pairs to provide users with more options to interact with the platform. Further, BingX is bringing several robust improvements to its copy-trading feature, coupled with an upcoming series of innovative new products that would significantly enhance the users’ trading experience.

Most notably, the next chapter of BingX will introduce an open social trading network platform to facilitate all crypto enthusiasts to associate, connect, and interact on the platform.

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