Justin Sun makes another “announcement” on Twitter about TRON [TRX]

Justin Sun, the founder of Tron has made an “announcement” that he’ll be making an announcement this week regarding the details of the Tron main net.

When the Tron main net is released, its network won’t be limited to only Ethereum which it currently backs on. The main net will open the gate for cheap transactions, huge transactions i.e, the network will be able to handle more than 1000 transactions at a time which will be more than what Ethereum and Bitcoin are offering right now, ability to issue token of current partners and will be able to support smart contracts.

Justin Sun “announced” the announcement on Twitter today, which says,

Justin Sun twitter announcement

Grimwyrd on Reddit says,

“This coin project is only 6 months old. Not only has it gotten big (top 20), established great liquidity/volume, been added to many exchanges globally, started filling its pipelines with partners with partners/ platform candidates, generated buzz/ community, established multiple offices, hired 100 people… Now… they are accelerating their development schedule.

I don’t care if Justin Sun announces his announcements regarding upcoming announcements announcing with crayon diagrams posted on SnapChat with a cryptodoggy filter… or if he stops talking altogether!

The bottom line is that I have invested in TRX because the project is 6 months old. Six months old! And they have already accomplished more that the majority of the coins that other websites like to crow about.

Love him or hate him, Justin Sun is getting shit done. That’s the type of person who gets my investment money. Get funded, get big, get busy! Step 4: Profit!”

Derek, a TRON investor on Twitter says,

“Just another reason why Tron is/ will dominate in the crypto world and beyond! I’m a firm believer in the company and the project!”

Kenny John, a crypto-investor says,

“Justin keeps making the same announcements every now and then. It’s been such a long time. I hope its here by this week and doesn’t make an announcement saying it’s going to be released later on.”

This new advancement of Tron has gotten some users excited. The main net will be opening a window of opportunities for all the Tron users.

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