How to Monetize your Passion for Fitness

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Fitness is a vital part of daily routine but is often considered as just a hobby. Those who are passionate in this field are often left with limited career options. But now, as the world witnesses a revolution in the health and fitness industry, wellness enthusiasts are discovering ways to add more value to their lives as well as the lives of others through the power of technology.

When it comes to Blockchain and its applications, use-cases such as e-governance, cryptocurrencies, and supply chain traceability are the most common ones that are considered. However, Blockchain serves a wider purpose and the innovative ideas that have come to life with this technology are limitless. For instance, the use of Blockchain to track and monetize overall wellbeing. 

A Singapore-based sports tech startup, 360Wellness has come up with an application that will change our whole perspective towards the wellness industry. 

What does 360Wellness offer?

Developed by 360Sports Pte Ltd, 360Welless is a decentralized application offering a complete ecosystem for a healthy lifestyle. Rather than having multiple applications, a user can monitor all their activities such as how well they train, what they eat, how they feel, and the quality of their sleep on a single platform. In addition to this, 360Wellness also educates users about a healthy lifestyle by providing daily tips and educational content. 

Apart from this, what makes the application unique is the integration of live virtual classes. The considerable amount of professional trainers allows the users to enjoy activities such as HIIT, yoga, stretching, nutritional advice, mental coaching, and much more. 

The application is a single place for all health and fitness-related needs. Contrary to the subscription models that end up being unused, 360Wellness offers a pay-as-you-go structure. 

In essence, the 360Wellness application is aspiring to bring true digitalization to the personal health and fitness industry. But the best is yet to come – the creation of a decentralized ecosystem is what makes 360Wellness truly unique. Recognizing the power of Blockchain and decentralization, the creators of 360Wellness have included a cryptocurrency to incentivize users to integrate wellness into their everyday lives. 

The evolution of digital fitness

The native coin of 360Wellness application, DEFIT, facilitates a digital fitness ecosystem. DEFIT is used to complete the in-app activities such as providing training or getting services on the application. The application has already been downloaded across 172 countries, which gives DEFIT the possibility to be adopted by the masses. 

Further, the inclusion of a cryptocurrency makes it easy for the application to accommodate faster cross-border payments at a significantly lower transaction fee without intervention by any third party. The availability of modern financial services such as staking also adds value to the decentralized ecosystem where the investors can gain interest for their holdings. 

The list of features on this application has attracted several investors and users. One significant feature that has been trending in the space, NFTs, are also offered on the platform. 360Wellness is introducing 50 one-off NFTs to early investors, who will be randomly selected through airdrops. 

Furthermore, these NFTs can be sold as assets on other platforms such as Opensea and Rarible. The integration of NFTs with other platforms will allow the application to accommodate cross-chain interoperability, which solves the problem of siloed networks and makes global adoption a reality.

For all Bitcoin lovers, the application offers Bitcoin Airdrops. Active members of the application will be rewarded with Bitcoin through airdrops every quarter. 


360Wellness is revolutionizing digital fitness. The dream of Blockchain to create a fair economy can not be completed without implementing it in all critical areas. Personal health and fitness are gradually being realized by people globally as a vital component to overall well being. Bringing decentralization to this sector makes 360Wellness a must-have application.

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