Gimmer announces free trading BOT for all users and extra exclusive access for token holders

Automated cryptocurrency trading platform Gimmer (GMR token) has announced two new initiatives designed to open crypto trading to the mass market.

GMR holders will have unlimited free access to the first ‘Basic’ tier of their trading BOTs. The Gimmer BOTs are sophisticated strategies built by Gimmer’s experienced professional trading team and designed to give easy-to-use options for every type of trader and a range of investor risk profile. These strategies include trade, margin, lending, arbitrage, portfolio and scalper BOTs.

All Gimmer users will have access to one free basic trading bot with an account limit of $100. It is an advanced trading bot pre-configured and ready to run that comes with the choice of three indicators. The BOT can be upgraded at any time with GMR tokens.

Gimmer launched its token sale on February 1, running until February 28, and aims to revolutionize the market using AI and trading BOTs. Users can also create their own strategies or rent existing ones and backtest them to check its effectiveness without risking actual crypto.

After the free bot, there are three main tiers of access* for Gimmer users:

Basic Access

If you have enough GMR tokens then you could get unlimited access to Gimmer’s trading bot, if you have enough balance for it. Each BOT is different and comes with their own specific feature. It allows users to start trading right away without needing to purchase any additional features. However, customizing the BOT will be a pay-as-you-go option using the GMR tokens.

Intermediate Access

Users can customize their trading bots by buying items from the Gimmer marketplace, which contains unique features that can be added on to each BOT, boosting its performance. Renting features is is also an option and most items have a limited time duration and can be used only for a particular amount of time. Gimmer estimates that an intermediate user will, on average, have five active BOTs, each with varying degrees of customization payable in GMR tokens equivalent to $65 USD per month.

Advanced Access

Selling to the marketplace by creating your own trading strategies is possible. The price is set by the strategy or indicator owner and the transaction is handled by smart contracts. GMR tokens are the only accepted payment in the marketplace. Selling your own trading techniques also makes the community more stronger. It enables intermediate users to benefit from a range of community-made advanced features to improve their own trading strategies.

Gimmer concept

Philipe Comini, Co-founder and CEO of Gimmer says,

“Our Alpha release in 2017 was a huge success and our demo app has now been downloaded over 20,000 times. We have a very strong global team of developers, Data Scientists and crypto trading experts on board. We want to make sure our token holders get the most value possible and so we are very pleased to be able to offer them unlimited access. We will have very exciting news to announce about our AI developments over the coming months and we are well on the way to opening up crypto-trading to the mass market globally.”

There would be new features added slowly, some of them include indicators, safeties, signals, complete BOT strategies, add-ons, data pools, feeds and training courses. The marketplace will be a central hub for user-generated content that will make Gimmer the first crypto-trading platform that will have a social community at its heart to support and grow the trading experience to the benefit of all Gimmer users.

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