DAO Maker Shares Weekly Update with Numerous Partnerships, Integrations, Exchange Listings

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DAO Maker Narrative

Business Development

Wallets/ FIAT Ramps


DAO Maker banks on designing innovative products, enabling users to have the best possible experience matching the ever growing cycle of crypto adoption. Our community spoke and we listened. Our think tanks and engineers then worked on creating what was in public demand. DAO maker proudly presents:

After the great success of Orion and OpenPredict in the last 6 months, DAO Maker is releasing its next in house incubation project.


YieldShield is an algorithmic DeFi farmer.

It applies the data analytics standards of multi-billion dollar high-frequency trading… to DeFi farming.

Xend Finance is one of the DAO Makers’ clients, performing a public sale in SHO format on their platform. They are backed by Binance and Google Developers Launchpad.

Based on community feedback we adjusted our SHO rules, to benefit all smaller and bigger $DAO hodlers faithful to the project, accordingly.

In regards to Business Development, it was a busy week for the team at DAO Maker as well. Over the course of the week, we have announced partnerships benefitting crypto enthusiasts in the EU and US. Coinsbit exchange adopting the DAO Token onto their platform, which adds the Ruble pair to DAO Makers FIAT family. Starting on March 2nd you will be able to trade $DAO/RUB amongst others pairs. Users will also be enabled to utilize Euro and exchange it straight from their bank account for DAO and vice versa. This partnership will ease up the process for our Russian and CIS supporters and will bring more efficiency to the ecosystem.

To continue with the next DAO/EUR pair, we have partnered with Guarda Wallet, which is one of the first fiat swap providers in the world and a valued contributor to our ecosystem. Similar to Coinsbit, Guarda will allow you to buy DAO for euro straight from your account.


KAI Master Wallet

KAI Membership App

KAIStarter Expansion with more partner projects

KAI DeFi Wealth Management

KAI Staker

KAI Membership — Mobile Banking Integration


Enterprise/Government Network Integration

DID Integration

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