Algorand (ALGO) CEO Exits from the Blockchain Project, To be Replaced by Current COO


  • Algorand’s CEO, Steven Kokinos, has left the blockchain project to pursue other interests.
  • Mr. Kokinos will stay on at Algorand as a senior advisor until mid-2023.
  • Algorand’s current COO, Sean Ford, will serve as interim CEO effective today, July 27th.

Algorand’s (ALGO) CEO,  Steven Kokinos, has left the blockchain project to pursue other interests. Mr. Kokinos’ role at the helm of Algorond ends today, July 27th, 2022. However, he will stay on as a senior advisor until mid-2023.

1/ Today, we announce @wsford as interim CEO and thank @stevekokinos for his leadership and dedication to #Algorand these past 4 years!

As we move into this next phase of growth, Steve will continue to serve as an advisor and remain involved with key projects in our ecosystem.

— Algorand (@Algorand) July 27, 2022

The company’s current COO, Sean Ford, will act as interim CEO.

Algorand Founder, Professor Silvio Micali, thanked Mr. Kokinos for his dedication to the blockchain project, particularly in its initial stages. He also highlighted Mr. Ford’s ability to take over from where Mr. Kokinos left off. He said:

We thank Steven for his time and dedication to Algorand. He has been instrumental to the initial success of our business, and we appreciate his commitment to a seamless transition.

Sean is well positioned to partner with me to keep the company operations running business as usual, and to help us transition Algorand to our next phase of growth.

Mr. Kokinos added that ‘it was a pleasure serving as CEO at Algorand.’ He also expressed optimism that the company was in good hands in its next phase of growth.

Similarly, Mr. Ford pointed out Algorand had experienced tremendous growth under Mr. Kokinos. He added that he was looking forward to expanding Algorand to the next level.

Sean Ford joined Algorand in 2018. He was previously the Chief Marketing Officer at LogMeIn and was responsible for its global marketing strategy, product marketing, e-commerce, communications, brand leadership, and demand generation. He also has experience working at Avid Technology and held ‘several executive leadership roles, including CMO and COO of Zmags, CMO of Syncsort, and as vice-president of Global Business Unit (GBU) marketing at Oracle.’

Recent Algorand (ALGO) News.

Algorand recently made headlines when it was appointed as the official blockchain partner for the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). The deal encompasses this year’s Football World Cup in Qatar and will also cover the Women’s tournament. Algorand will also assist FIFA in further developing its digital asset strategy. The blockchain project will benefit from significant media exposure during the 2022 World Cup.

In late June, the once-famous peer-to-peer file-sharing platform of Napster announced a comeback involving the launch of its own $NAPSTER token on Algorand and NFTs.

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