Ethereum [ETH] leads green market; registers over 10% growth in 24 hours

The New Year has brought a new standing ground for Ethereum [ETH] as the markets glows green. The coin which was the third largest until recently, has taken over XRP to become the second-largest coin on the top-10 cryptocurrency list. XRP slipped to the third position while ETH continues to grow by large margins.

Source: Coin Market Cap

At the time of press, ETH was valued at $150.22, with a market cap of $15.6 billion. The coin registered a 24-hour trade volume of $2.7 billion, with a growth of 10.40% over the past 24 hours. The coin has been gradually growing over the past few days and its overall spike is noted to be 15.36% in a week. The coin is still pumping by 1.74% in an hour.

The coin is being traded in high volumes on various exchanges. The exchange to registered the highest volume for ETH is OEK. It registered $166 million trading volume on the ETH/BTC pair. OEX was followed by OKEx, which noted a volume of $114 million on the ETH/USDT pair. The third position was taken by Huobi, with a volume of $102 million on the ETH/USDT pair.

The community was losing its faith on the coin as it was appeared to be stagnated for a long time, however, as the new year began, the coin flourished and reinforced the community’s belief in the now second-largest cryptocurrency.

Ethereum was also in the news recently when its co-founder, Vitalik Buterin, was asked to help review Tron white paper by Tron’s founder and Chief Executive Officer [CEO] Justin Sun. On this, a Tron enthusiast, Misha Lederman, had said:

“A developer as gifted as @VitalikButerin should most definitely consider to start working with a visionary, entrepreneur, CEO, student of history & politics, under Jack Ma & many others, such as @JustinSunTron in order to jointly grow blockchain adoption & technology together.”

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