Decentralized Exchanges Will Spark DApps Adoption In 2019

DApps are driving in a huge range of sectors, right from gambling, games, finance, and property to storage, energy, and media. Moreover, the DApps ecosystem is skyrocketing with time as it closes over 65k per having day active users along with the authenticate users around 1.6 million transactions within 24-hours.

The DApps statistics shows some exciting reports about decentralizing applications. It is now enjoying an overall growth, 2018 also experiences a constant rise in terms of the number of DApps.

While talking about platforms, Ethereum remains the second leading cryptocurrency having a market cap of over $15 billion. Also, it has many of the platforms having huge DApps developing on it including EOS and POA.

Tron (TRX) platform comes next to it in the race which is now focusing on DApps. Meanwhile, the DApps users are also showing interest, while watching big platforms having billion dollar market cap same as Ethereum, EOS, etc. However, this demonstrates that DApps is still much far away from mainstream adoption. Instead, one class within DApps showing improvement in attention to be excited about are decentralized exchanges.

Decentralized Exchanges Will Likely Spark DApps Development

The decentralizing exchanges (DEX) develop on a blockchain allowing peer-to-peer tokens trading native of the particular blockchain. Currently, the process remains simple for users just to link their crypto wallets to the DEX for conversing with its smart contract.

Moreover, this procedure avoids the interference of any third-party entities. Also, it automatically matches, validates, and executes particular trades. Since then, Ethereum, Neo, and EOS blockchain are some familiar platforms for developing DEXs.

According to the current market, DEXs will likely boost up the adoption of cryptocurrency. There’s no doubt with this fact, however, with its first phase it might take some more time to catch up with results.

What will be the result of DApps adoption in 2019? Do share your thoughts in our Comments section.

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