Crypto Adoption Intensifies: Binance Launches New Fiat Gateway In Singapore

Crypto adoption continues at a global level, and things are moving at a rapid pace.

2019 has been said from the very beginning to be the year of crypto adoption, and so far, things have been going in the perfect direction to achieve this massive goal.

Binance launches Binance Singapore

The leading crypto exchange at the global level by trading volume, Binance launched Binance Singapore – this is a new fiat on-ramp, reveals the Daily Hodl.

This fiat-to-crypto platform will allow users to buy and sell BTC, ETH, and Binance Coin with Singapore Dollars (SDG).

This is the third compliant fiat-to-crypto platform together with Binance Uganda and Binance Jersey.

According to Changpeng Zhao, the company’s strategic investment partner Vertex Ventures Southeast Asia and India has been an important player behind this launch, and it has been working with local regulators and financial institutions as well.

“Their global track record of managing an innovative technology portfolio and taking all the proper measures also showcases their ability to sustainably grow Singapore’s broader blockchain ecosystem,” Zhao said.

The platform offers non stop SGD deposits and withdrawals via the Singapore FAST (Fast And Secure Transfers) electronic funds transfer system, according to the online publication mentioned above.

Binance teams up with significant players for a charitable project

Binance was recently in the spotlight after the platform teamed up with some pretty important names in the crypto space for a new project.

They teamed up with Ripple, Tron, and VeChain in order to aid one million women from underdeveloped countries to get better access to sanitation.

According to the Daily Hodl, Binance Charity Foundation (which is Binance’s charity arm) has created an alliance of 47 companies which include Ripple, VeChain, Tron and more important names in the industry.

All these entities are planning to launch a stablecoin that’s called Pink Care Token (PCAT).

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