Kamala Harris blasted for 'complaining about mansion and vacationing in California' as border crisis explodes

VICE President Kamala Harris has been slammed for complaining about living in a DC mansion when she still hasn't visited the US-Mexico border amid the current migrant crisis.

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel wrote a scathing op-ed for Fox on Tuesday in which she slammed Harris for "refusing to go see the crisis that their reckless, backward policies have created."

Kamala Harris has failed to hold a press conference on the border issue since President Joe Biden tapped her to lead efforts to solve the issue last month.

McDaniel blasted Harris for returning to California over the Easter weekend but not holding any appearances at the border – or any public appearances at all.

"She is working harder on avoiding accountability for the crisis than she is on trying to fix it," McDaniel wrote.

"Taking a California vacation on the taxpayer’s dime when there’s a humanitarian crisis raging mere miles to the south is cynical, weak and fundamentally uncaring. "

McDaniel accused Harris of failing to do even the "bare minimum."

She blasted the lack of media briefing as "an insult to the people working overtime at the border to care for the thousands of unaccompanied children that are here due to her administration’s policies."

"They are working under immense stress to provide some level of safety and comfort even as the system is stretched to the breaking point," the RNC chairwoman continued.

Her comments come as Harris faces mounting scrutiny over her lack of press conference as the border crisis continues.

She has fielded some questions from reporters on the issue.

Republican lawmakers have routinely stressed the nation is facing a "humanitarian crisis" at the Southern border.

Harris' weekend getaway to California also came after it was revealed she feels "frustrated about living in suitcases" while the vice president's mansion undergoes renovations.

Several sources told CNN that Harris was not happy with the ongoing situation as she and husband Georgetown Law professor Douglas Emhoff wait to move into their new home at the Naval Observatory.

"She is getting frustrated," said one official as the couple continue to live in the President's official guest quarters Blair House, which is located just across Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC.

Fox reports that Customs and Border Protection expects to encounter over 171,000 migrants in March alone.

That is expected to include 18,800 unaccompanied children.

This compares to 34,000 migrants in March 2020 under Trump's administration as the coronavirus pandemic was closing down borders.

Harris has previously said the migrant surge is a "huge problem" but insisted that enforcing the law and humanely addressing "the root causes that cause people to make the trek" are not mutually exclusive.

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