Crypto Still Waiting For Its “iPhone Moment” Says Coinbase Board Millionaires

In a recent interview, two Coinbase Board of Directors members claimed that crypto hasn’t yet “had its iPhone moment”. Chris Dixon and Fred Wilson informed crypto enthusiasts of the new developments in the blockchain space and what lies ahead for the fintech Industry as a whole. They also discussed how the gaming industry stands to aid mainstream crypto adoption. What The Gaming Industry […]

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AT&T Unveils a Bunch of Blockchain Solutions Using IBM Blockchain and Microsoft Azure

Photo: AT&T / Facebook Telecom giant AT&T launched a suite of blockchain solutions working on Microsoft’s Azure platform and the IBM Blockchain. In an official press release on Wednesday, September 26, the company said that the blockchain solutions aim to digitize and automize several processes in the supply chain and the healthcare process. The company announcement reads: “We’re combing our edge-to-edge […]

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Vegawallet DLT Project Launches Exciting New Mobile Payments System for Individuals and Businesses

Vegawallet, in its bid to improve crypto payments, recently announced a cryptocurrency app that allows businesses and consumers alike to make smooth and seamless crypto payments. A New Crypto Payment App The Vegawallet platform, which prides itself as the ‘’The complete cryptocurrency platform’’ has announced that it would allow businesses to receive crypto and also sell to their customers. This […]

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