Typhoon shuts down businesses, schools in Taiwan as it heads for China

Two people were injured Saturday when a weakening Typhoon Bailu crossed southern Taiwan.

The storm forced the shutdown of businesses and schools, and airlines canceled more than 350 flights as the island braced for landslides, floods and high seas, Reuters reported. Some 34,000 soldiers were deployed in the south amid fears of flooding.

The storm, the first to make landfall on the island in more than two years, reached Taiwan Saturday afternoon with winds up to 85 miles per hour. Nearly 30,000 homes lost power and some areas saw flooding as it moved northwest across the island.

Heavy rain was expected to continue through Sunday, Taiwan News said.

China issued an alert for its southern provinces to prepare for Bailu, which would be the 11th typhoon — the Pacific ocean equivalent of a hurricane — to hit the country this year.

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