Prince William says he recycles as much as he can as he joins environmentalists in Kuwait – The Sun

PRINCE William yesterday said the Royals recycle as much as they can — but worry about what happens to their waste.

He aired his concerns during a visit to Kuwait as he joined volunteer litter pickers on a beach near a nature reserve.

William told the young environmentalists: “We recycle as much as we can at home but I worry about the chain, what happens to it?”

The duke walked the shore of the Persian Gulf mudflats as he followed a trail of plastic bottles, discarded packaging and carrier bags washed up at the reserve.

He joined the volunteers as they picked up plastic bottles, discarded packaging and bags.

He said: "It must be quite demoralising for you to be out there all day and then come back and find it all full up again."

The Prince added: "It's amazing that you guys are doing what you do, but we need to do more to stop [the pollution] in the first place."

William toured the reserve by golf buggy and went bird-watching.

As he looked through binoculars he joked with journalists, saying: “Ah, a lesser spotted media pack. Well known in these parts.”

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