Nimes shooting as police hunt gunmen ‘firing Kalashnikovs in streets’

French police are hunting for gunmen after shots were fired in Nimes with people fleeing in terror.

It is reported that "one or two" men have been seen carrying Kalashnikov rifles in the southern French town.

Footage on social media show people running in panic as shots ring out.

There are currently no casualties reported.

It has been rumoured that the gunfire was from a shoot-out between rival gangs.

Repeated gun blasts could be heard with witnessing saying “one or two” people were firing at around 8.30pm local time.

Residents in a suburb of Pissevin district in the city claimed gang members shot at a building occupied by a rival group.

Local reports believe that the shooting was intended to “intimidate” a rival gang as part of a feud.

Footage shows people running from a block of flats which have been described as “notorious” locally.

Armed police have been deployed to the area along with a forensic team.

One witness told how his wife was caught up in the shooting as she was in the street nearby when repeated bursts of '30 and 40 seconds' went off.

He told Objectif Gard: "She found herself stuck in the middle of the gunshots, with guys running from everywhere shooting, she was left crying and in distress."

No injuries have yet been reported to nearby hospitals.

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