Cyclist Jeremy Vine sparks fury after BACKING biker’s dangerous stunt

Ardent cyclist Jeremy Vine sparks fury by suggesting ‘clowns on bikes don’t hurt anyone’ unlike ‘clowns who drive’ after yob filmed himself crashing into Mercedes while doing wheelie

  • Radio host Jeremy Vine sparks fury after backing bike yob’s dangerous stunt
  • He posted a video showing a youth pulling a wheelie and colliding with a car
  • Vine uploaded the video and wrote: ‘The clown on the bike doesn’t hurt anyone’
  • The clip was first shared by YouTuber Wheelie Kay who has also posted footage of thugs rampaging through Asda  

Cycling fan Jeremy Vine has sparked fury after showing support for a biker yob who blamed a driver after he collided with a car when he pulled a wheelie on a main road.

The radio host posted the video of the dangerous stunt showing a youth weaving through slow moving traffic on his back wheel before the crash on busy Cromwell Road in Kensington, West London.

The clip was first shared by YouTuber Wheelie Kay, who last week posted footage of a gang of thugs rampaging through an Asda supermarket in Brighton before punching a shopper and wrestling an elderly woman to the ground. 

Last night Vine uploaded the footage to his Twitter and wrote: ‘Amazing video. Lesson here is that there are clowns who cycle and clowns who drive.

Scroll down for video: 

The radio host posted the video of the dangerous stunt showing a youth weaving through slow moving traffic on his back wheel before the crash on busy Cromwell Road in Kensington, West London

The clip, shared by Jeremy Vine (right) last night, was first shared by YouTuber Wheelie Kay (right)

‘The clown on the bike doesn’t hurt anyone. Put him in a car — different story.’

But his comments last night sparked outrage, with many questioning why Vine was showing support for the reckless cyclist over the stunt. 

The video shows the reckless youth, whose bike has the markings ‘Wheelie Kay’ – moves from the middle lane into the left lane as he fast approaches a lorry.

Vine’s comments last night sparked outrage, with many questioning why Vine was backing the reckless cyclist over the stunt.

The driver (left) is surrounded by a gang of around seven youths as they call him ‘stupid’ and continue to accuse him of causing the accident

The gang shout at the driver to move his car back as the bike (above) is wedged under the front left wheel of the Mercedes

But when the cyclist, who is wearing earphones, veers to the right to overtake it, he collides with a slow-moving black Mercedes C350. 

As the car stops, the yob hits the bonnet twice with his fist. The middle-aged male driver then exits the vehicle to confront the rogue cyclist, who blames the driver for the collision.

A group of at least six youngsters on bikes surround the man, while a voice can be heard saying, ‘Yo. My days! What the f**k are you doing, bruv?’

The camera then cuts to the bicycle, which has its front wheel wedged under the front left wheel of the Mercedes. 

The cyclist  (pictured) and the other yobs on bikes show no regard for other road users as they make their way down the street

The youth pulls the bike free while one of the other boys appears to try to pull the Mercedes badge off the front of the vehicle. 

Who is Wheelie Kay? YouTuber with 91,000 subscribers linked to Brighton bike rampage 

Wheelie Kay has more than 91,000 subscribers on YouTube, where he regularly posts videos of himself and his friends riding through the streets of London. 

The young man, who does not use his real name, attracted criticism last week for posting a video of thugs rampaging on their bikes through an Asda in Brighton. 

Wheelie Kay regularly posts videos and photos on social media showing him cycling with his friends through London

One of the group was seen wrestling an elderly lady before punching a shopper. 

Wheelie Kay also shares photos on Instagram showing him posing with his bike and pulling wheelies next to police cars. 

He was previously interviewed by The Sun for an article about Bikestormz – a group of thrill-seeking young cyclists.

He said: ‘From the age of nine I started learning how to wheelie, but it was quite hard, so I left it at that. 

‘When I ride with my music it just gives me a lot of energy and people love that.’ 

As he and the others pedal off, the original biker says, ‘Some idiot, bro. Stupid driver…. my bike’s still fine, though.’ 

One Twitter user wrote: ‘Sorry Jeremy, it’s this type of clown on a bike that gives responsible cyclists like me a bad name, and why there is so much hate directed at cyclists.

‘Llook at them they are like rats…doing wheelies on the Highway is stupid, irresponsible and dangerous.’

Another added: ‘The different being that the ‘clowns’ on bikes think they’re above law, whereas the ‘clowns’ in cars generally don’t’

A third user said: ‘Your tweet implies the driver was a clown. I really can’t see it. He;s being undertaken on the left, with potentially terrible consequences.’

And another added:  Err, the guy was doing a wheelie…it’s not a cycle track it’s a road he needs to grow up.. I did wheelies on my bike when I was twelve… that guy ain’t twelve.

Police are still investigating the other video Wheelie Kay posted last week of thugs on fixie bikes storming through an Asda in Brighton.

The youths were seen cycling through the supermarket while spilling produce, frightening customers, making children cry and cycling threateningly towards staff.

At points some of them pulled wheelies as shoppers jumped out of their way.

Elsewhere in the town they raced past police and cut across pedestrians, as shown on a video uploaded by one of the yobs titled ‘Maddest day ever in Brighton’ in which the cameraman even asked viewers to like and subscribe to his channel.

Sussex Police last week told MailOnline they are now investigating the lengthy rampage in Asda and across the centre of the city, which is believed to have taken place in June.

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