Boozy Brits leaving ‘trail of destruction’ with shocking holiday antics in Algarve

“Totally drunk British people, often dressed in just thongs, insisted on simulating sexual practices with her.” 

Some tour operators are advising tourists from other countries not to venture to parts of the town. 

One said: “There are families that have to cover their children’s eyes so that they don’t see Brits that are completely naked.” 

Locals have also turned their anger on bars in the tourist hotspot, claiming their only concern is selling drinks to thirsty Brits. 

A Portuguese tourist, who described the area as “full of vomit, broken bottles and rubbish” said he was attacked after challenging a thug who groped his girlfriend. 

He said: “I pushed him and got him away. But when I left I was punched in the back and ended up unconscious. 

“Everyone saw what happened but no-one did a thing.” 

Residents have been uploading hundreds of videos and photos to social media of the carnage on their streets. 

Mayor José Carlos Rolo vowed to clamp down on the boozy behaviour, saying he will install CCTV cameras. 

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