Cecilia Paolino-Uboldi, Director & Global Head of Commercial Affairs at Slotguru joins Zerocoin – Crypto Currency for Online Gambling

Meet Cecilia Paolino – Uboldi a Strategic Advisor toZeroEdge Bet Cecilia Paolino is currently the head of commercial affairs at SlotGuru and is excited for her role as a key advisor in everything from cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology, to business strategies, new technologies and so much more. With close to two decades of experience in the online gambling and gaming […]

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This Blockchain Company Is Disrupting Online Advertising and Needs to Be on Your Radar

It is high time internet users realized that rather than being privileged by centralized platforms like Google and Facebook, they are the ones whose assets are being used to make tons of money without being adequately compensated. That’s right, they are using and re-selling your data and are profiting heavily off of it. The actions of intermediaries Before the advent […]

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